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What is a “Many Friends” Party?

Friends In Deed operates Pasadena’s Bad Weather Shelter, the Food Pantry, The Women’s Room, Norma’s Nook and so much more.  The “Many Friends” Party Program started out as the “Year of Many Friends” Party program and was a way for our many friends in Pasadena to join us in celebrating our 120th anniversary—by having a party for their family and friends, welcoming donations to support Friends In Deed’s work and sending those donations over to Friends In Deed.  Well, our 120th Anniversary has come and gone.  We are now in our 123rd year and we just keep on getting better.  There were so many great “Year of Many Friends” parties during that year of celebration that we decided to call it the “Many Friends” Party Program and keep it rolling every year.


The concept grew out of the need to increase awareness of Friends In Deed, its important work and the role individuals and groups can make to ensure that we have the resources we need to serve the vulnerable among us in our community.  As an example, if one person hosts a party and asks friends to donate $12 each to fund one night for one person at the Bad Weather Shelter and ten people come and donate, Friends in Deed receives $120 and can fund 10 “shelter beds.”   It costs $6 each week to provide a family with supplemental food from our food pantry, much needed in light of federal food stamp cuts.  If 10 people at your party donate $6, 10 families receive the supplemental food they need for a week.


Photos from past “Many Friends” parties


But I still don’t get the party concept.  How can I help?

Friends In Deed asks its community friends, from member congregations and community organizations, if there are individuals or groups within their midst who would like to have a party.  It’s as simple as that.  Invite a few people over for soup and conversation and share information about Friends in Deed and invite donations to cover one night in the shelter ($12), a week’s worth of groceries for a family ($6), or a day of service for one homeless woman in The Women’s Room ($12).


Perhaps an existing group in your organization that meets periodically might want to dedicate the monthly meeting to this fundraising party concept.  Perhaps an individual wants to host a dinner party or cheese-tasting or game night that includes a giving component.  Whether it’s a potluck, chili cook-off, soup feast, talent show, game night or cheese tasting, pair your party with a little information about Friends In Deed, put a basket by the door and receive any donations offered.  Then, bring them to Friends In Deed.  We’ll do the rest.


Friends helping friends is the concept.  Will it work?

As a strategy to support our work, we wanted to offer individuals a way to raise money within their communities that could be individual, creative and empowering and also help spread the word about Friends in Deed to new friends, who will become partners in our work in the future.


Some of us tried out the party concept and found it fun and easy.  One host emailed friends and colleagues about a soup tasting and included information about how much it costs to house one person in the Bad Weather Shelter for one night—about $12.00.  About 15 people came.  Some who didn’t come sent checks.  One or two gave enough to house 5 or 8 people for a night.  Some put their change together to fund one night and many decided to support two nights at the shelter.  The end result was nearly $700 to support the Bad Weather Shelter.


What do I need to do to host a “Year of Many Friends” party?

Here are the basics:

1.  Pick your date.

2.  Decide upon your party idea—cheese tasting, potluck, dinner party, hot dog feast, game night….

3.  Email your friends or group members.  Include information in the email about how much a night at the shelter costs for one person or how much a week’s worth of groceries for a family would cost or how much a day of service for one of our homeless women cost, and the name of the organization to which the donations will go:  Friends In Deed—in case they want to send checks.

4.  Have some information handouts ready to give to friends about Friends in Deed and the shelter.  We will provide these.  You can call us at 626-797-2402 or email us at and work with you to get you the materials you need.

5.  Have fun.

6.  Deliver the proceeds to Friends in Deed at 444 E. Washington Boulevard, Pasadena 91104 or via mail at P. O. Box 41125, Pasadena 91114.  If you have cash and checks, made out to Friends In Deed, you can feel free to deliver it to the office during regular business hours, Monday through Friday.  Call the office at 626-797-2402 to determine the best time to drop off.


What could be better?  A good time with good friends coming together in fellowship to do good work.  It’s about Friends, in deed.  It’s about doing together what we cannot do alone.  It’s about Friends In Deed.


Help us to continue to be able to serve our community in this creative way!  Help us in sharing the word about need in Pasadena.  Help be part of the solution by the monies you raise.


We thank you!